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A meltdown and a false hope

On last Sunday i saw instastory from my favorite band back in college and they were doing mini gigs for their devoted fans. Even tho i followed them quite a while i didn't notice that they have this small gig, well maybe because i knew i cant attend anyway. Also on Sunday, husband playing my old ipod on speaker all morning, my ipod that full with old songs circa college and pre motherhood when i went to office by transjakarta. Full of bands those i once or twice saw them live whenever they held tour in Jakarta. Then it hit me.. i never go to concert again after being married, not even once.
And like domino effects i kept thinking what else i did miss since being married. I skipped so many office's outing abroad when i was pregnant and exclusively breastfeeding, i skipped HK trip that my girlfriends done 2 years ago because i cant really leave my son for 7 days and also my husband didnt give me permission  cos... you really wanna leave your clingy son for 7 days? definitely not.…