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TV Series Obsession


Hard Rock Cafe -- Pacific Place

It's my first time dine in here. I love how this place is so spacious and with real music from the stage brought by their home band.  Talking about their service i dont expect our orders would be on our table that fast like more than 30 mins before Maghrib. Well, it was my fault cos i wasn't taking notes to them to serve my meal on Iftar time but considering it was Ramadhan and im wearing hijab i guess it wont hurt just to ask whether i want my meal to serve right away or wait until Iftar time just like any other Restaurant. Second, i notice that our next table -- occupied by two 20ish expat girls -- got approached by hmmm.. i dont know maybe the supervisor or manager and he asked whether their meal OK or not. And i saw em just ordered light snack not even fancy one.. just like tortilla chips with salsa dip or something, while us had 2 main course and nobody asked our satisfaction. Oh pwisssss.
Enough with the rant, let's start with our orders!
Recommended by the waitress and …

Idul Fitri 2015

Assalamualaikum bloggers, alhamdullilah yah.. kemarin udah lebaran dan hari ini perdana masuk kantor setelah cuti 3 hari.  Ramadhan taun ini menurut gw beraaat banget... aura negatif di kantor lagi menyeruak dengan hebringnya! bener-bener harus pinter jaga emosi daripada pahala puasa terkikis *tsah* mulai dari mood boss yang ampun dijeh jeleknyaaa... gw juga perdana kena omel ampe di gebrak meja segala! waawww.... udah gitu banyak yang berantem sana-sini, cuman bisa berharap sehabis lebaran ini walaupun kantor gw 80% non muslim, bisa kebawa aura minal aidin wal faidzin. Aamiinn.
Sooo.... how's your lebaran day? mine pretty awesome. udah 3 tahun belakangan ini ngerayain sama keluarga gw, sholat Ied dirumah, makan makanan palembang yang ruar biasa enak dan melimpah! nothing beats Ied celebration with your own family! Selain itu udah bertahun-tahun keluarga gw ini ke Sushi Tei dihari pertama lebaran! iyak.. udah bosen kan sama makanan hari raya, sore-sore biasanya kita pada kabur deh ke …

Me time -- Mommy's time

Yesterday was totally awesome. I have an excellent Me-Time... oh finally ma Lord! being a mother of 1 with no full-time nanny kinda hard to me to just meet my girls after office hours or having movie date with hubs. i even forget how it feels like to munch popcorn. FYI, my last movie is just 2 days before i gave birth which is more than 2 years ago!
So, when one of my friend asked for iftar dinner i immediately say yes and called hubs and told him that i dont want him or little A came along. i just want to meet my friends and having silly convos like i used to . Well, whenever i had appointment with my friends, hubs and little A always came along.. turned out i actually cant enjoy the conversation cos im too busy with my son, feed him, entertain him so he could stay in his baby-chair, chasing him around the restaurant, so on, and so on.
As husband say "yes, you can go alone.." i told my friend to booked resto which not kids friendly at all! Whenever you have baby then nothing i…

Iftar at Little A's House

Hari minggu kemarin rumah kita kedatangan tamu-tamu istimewwwwa! sahabat-sahabat gw dari jaman SMA, dan ini pertama kalinya i'm hosting a party! (duilee party banget sizz? orang cuman buka puasa.. bzzzz) Surprise-surprise gak ada yang nyasar loh ke rumah gw ini.. *makasih google maps* lancar jaya jalanan ke bekasi juga gak macet *HAMDALLAH* Kemarin total ada 4 keluarga yang dateng, 10 orang dewasa, 3 toddlers, 3 bayi-bayi gemetsss.. seruuu banget! kita bikin potluck.. gw sebagai tuan rumah nyiapin main course-nya.
Gw sebagai orang termales sejagad raya, mulai nyusun rencana gimana baiknya ini hidangan secara akik gak ada ART. Awalnya mau pinjem ART mertua sebentar pas acara buat bantuin beres-beres eh ya dese pulkam aja dulu pas banget hari minggunya. Makanan pun beli semuaaa... seadanya aja yang ada di Jatibening, kalo gw di tebet udah pasti gw langsung ke Mirah atau rasane atau Ayam Kremes Kraton.. murah, enak, lengkap bisa delivery! Udah gitu gw dapet lungsuran tekwan buatan le g…

Dill Gourmet Cafe -- Plaza Indonesia

If you're happen to be in Plaza Indonesia and want some lunch or dinner which is pocket friendly then you can pick this place!

Dill Gourmet Cafe located exactly next to 'Chopstix' escalator. This small cafe had a nice casual cozy ambiance and i read some good reviews about their fresh cold pressed juice.
I immediately went thru quick scan to their cold pressed juice selection and chose this one. Happy Go Lucky is combination of passion fruit, strawberry and apple. Recommended!
Their poached eggs was beautifully cooked, nice hollandaise sauce, crisp asparagus, fluffy and sweet waffles! Oh gosh the waffles... one of the best!
For little A i ordered from their quick grab selection. It was not fresh from the kitchen, they just heated it up with microwave but still tasted really good! generous portion of Satay.. so generous that i think this dish worth higher price! 
Generous portion of Nasi Goreng, i tried one spoon but nothing memorable nor outstanding but hubs enjoyed this so muc…

Local Favorites

I've been into blogspere circa 2007 then started my own blog around 2008 with multiply as my platform then change it into blogspot.
My favorite blogs are changing time to time.. from comedy kind of blog (Ola, Kambing Jantan!), fashion blogs, then foodie blogs move over to prep-wedding blogs, mama blogs, and last... home and decor blogs!

here's the lists of my most read local bloggers:

1. Alaya for Pas Magnifique
Alaya is the one who inspired me the most to start blogging back then, and whenever im in love with fashion blogs, foodie and so on, I still read hers daily. I adore how she read so many books in her life and i also mesmerized by her truly effortless artsy photos!

2. Laila Achmad for Let The Beast In
I read Laila for the first time thru her prep-weeding blog, then i found her personal blog and fallin in love ever since. Looooooove the way she write her post. she is so good with words and yes, i never bored to read her old posts over and over again! i love her most with her t…

The Harvest Deli Kota Kasablanka

This is the newest Restaurant in Kota Kasablanka replacing Balboni Ristorante. I once had lunch at Balboni and it was scrumptious! too bad their pricetag bit high (Pasta starts from 80K) and i think it more suitable for Upscale Mall like Plaza Indonesia or Pacific Place.
The Harvest Deli is sister to yours truly Harvest Bakery and turned out under the same group with Balboni so it explains why this Deli's interior and exterior is not much change since Balboni days. Even the sugar paper and coasters still using Balboni's.
They just open exactly at the 1st day of Ramadhan and yesterday was my 1st day of period so i immediately dragged my friends here to have hearty lunch. 

And these what we got on our table 
They served my tea in big pot. yeayness! and they used Dilmah for their tea selection.
I was torn between their sandwiches or Ravioli but then decided to have this club Sandwich. Consist of grilled chicken Tandoori, beef bacon, fried egg, fried jalapeno with Ciabatta and served …

Pretty little things

I've been drown into Kate Spade web yesterday cos next week one of my uncle will go to US for biztrip so im looking for wallet which is rupiah friendly! But then i stumbled upon their Home sectionand cant go back. Wallet who? i want these things!

from vase to glitters coasters.. super cute super love!