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[REVISIT] Casadina, Kuningan

For my first Casadina's review click here

So appreantly it took me so many months to revisit this cute little resto again. 2 weeks ago there was holiday on wednesday so me and my friend made a breakfast appointment together. And end up we both made it at brunch hour.
Summer Cooler consists of Strawberry, Watermelon and Pinapple. And my Green Lush consists of Pokchoy, Pinapple and Apple.. tasted great! hubs ordering Ice Tea for 13K.
I was craving for Eggs Benedict but turned out they didn't have it that day *Booooo!* so i opted this big breakfast instead. Their sauteed mushroom was my least favorite and their beef bacon.. ugh, too salty!
My friend ordered this Traditional Carbonara. Came in generous portion, the pasta bit under-cooked but it tasted delish.

Other that that we ordered 250gr of Chicken wings for 38K and Cheese fries for 30K. The chicken wings tasted exactly like our first visit.. Yummy! Cheese fries came in big portion and tasted crispy yum.

Anyways, i just checked thei…

The Sound Of Music in Broadway Way!

Buat yang kenal gw dari kecil pasti udah tau akan kegilaan gw akan film yang 1 ini. Inget banget pertama kali nonton ini di VCD dikasih nenek gw waktu gw masih 10 tahun and i get obsessed ever since! Alhamdullilah... 17 tahun kemudian, London Palladium dateng ke Singapur buat mentas di Marina Bay Sands! i was travelling solo to the little red dot and seeing my eternal love, live for the very 1st time.

Pertunjukan live itu sungguh amat sangat membekas di hati! gw sampe bercucuran airmata (deras pulak) sambil kasih standing ovation pas closing. it was dream came alive! Dibawakan secara live, settingnya bisa dibilang jauh lebih cantik ketimbang di film. Ruang tamu Von Trapp (kalo di film pas scene mereka kenalan sama MAria dan nyanyi So long farewell), kamarnya MAria! oh my Lord.. kamar Nanny lebih bagus daripada kamar presiden RI sih gw rasa.. di film kan udah bagus banget ya.. di panggung broadway? triple that! Scene Do-Re-Mi juga MAsya Allah... kalo di stage, mereka nynayinya cuman di rua…

GROM Gelato Shop -- Pacific Place

Remembering me in my younger years, it had always been delightful to see colorful arrays of Gelato at Pisa Cafe Menteng. Then i visited Gusto Gelato Bali and (in exaggerating way) it definitely a life changing! their Gelato was scrumptious and very very affordable! Ever since i always crave for a nice gelato then i was so excited when i saw on Instagram that a new Gelato shop, originally from Italy open their 1st branch here at the corner of Pacific Place.

Months ago I stumbled over this post where the writer done a Gelato tour In Florence and explained some facts about it. But what i remember the most that some signs of good gelato are that it put on stainless steel container (Pisa Cafe check, Gusto gelato check) and BEST that they cover the container with metal lids to protect its freshness. and guess what? Grom done it in the best way! Metal lids cover everyone! *insert clap hands emoji here*
My friend said that this place is overhyped so i brace myself of the crayzee queue but when …