GROM Gelato Shop -- Pacific Place

Remembering me in my younger years, it had always been delightful to see colorful arrays of Gelato at Pisa Cafe Menteng. Then i visited Gusto Gelato Bali and (in exaggerating way) it definitely a life changing! their Gelato was scrumptious and very very affordable! Ever since i always crave for a nice gelato then i was so excited when i saw on Instagram that a new Gelato shop, originally from Italy open their 1st branch here at the corner of Pacific Place.

Months ago I stumbled over this post where the writer done a Gelato tour In Florence and explained some facts about it. But what i remember the most that some signs of good gelato are that it put on stainless steel container (Pisa Cafe check, Gusto gelato check) and BEST that they cover the container with metal lids to protect its freshness. and guess what? Grom done it in the best way! Metal lids cover everyone! *insert clap hands emoji here*

My friend said that this place is overhyped so i brace myself of the crayzee queue but when i came (it was Sunday on 3pm-ish) the queue actually really bearable compared to the time when Sour Sally, Jco and Breadtalk open their first store.

Small cups each for me and hubby. i forgot their price-list i only remember that they sell small cup (2 flavors) for 48K and Medium (3 flavors) for 60K, Frappe for 70K.
Mine on the left was Pistachio and Crema Di Grom.. their colors might be not appetizing but i guarantee you that they had strong flavor, creamy but not too hefty. perfect!
On the right was Mango Sorbet and Vanilla. I LOOVE their Mango! so fresh and light! i guess i will have this for my next visit!


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