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It's not a secret that coffee houses had grown rapidly into Jakarta's culinary scene. As for non-coffee drinker,i have no intention to visit those superb coffee houses like Tanamera, 1/15, ABCD, etc. 
I always a tea person at heart, but it so difficult to find tea house that just comfy and laid back. It's either you go fancy at TWG Plaza Senayan or go shabby to Bradley's Tea House Senopati, cos i have a super active son so i can't taking risk to have a sip or two at TWG.. those luxury dinnerware! and i also being fed up for anything that is too girly, flowery, too shabby chic then i have no intention to visit Bradley's.
So when i read review about new tea house in town on my favorite food blog.. i was so happy! and last Saturday noon i finally can drag hubby to visit Lewis & Carroll. 

When we came, it was almost fullhouse. Only some small tables for 3 people available and one big sofas. I entered the place with sleeping kiddo and the waitress nicely put me, hub and kid on sofas that actually can fit 5 adults instead of give us small table for 3. Nice!

And then came waiter with tray that full of tubes to our table, so many tubes filled with pretty tea leaves! you can smell to all tea leaves but me and hubs too lazy. I immediately pick the prettiest of em all and hubs immediately chose the one that claimed to be the best seller here.

how can i resist you? so darn pretty! this one called 'Petals of Peace'
Blossom Blanc on white Pot for 50K; Petals of Peace on Purple pot for 35K
Blossom Blanc is from their heritage white blend collection. It is silver needle white tea with mango, orange, marigold, cornflower.
My Petals of peace is from their flower collection, consists of rose and marigold.
Based on taste, me and hubs agreed that Blossom Blanc is way better.. love it!

Pasta Carbonara for 80K
i shared this carbonara with my son and i think that was very good choice cos this carbonara came in reaallly generous portion and also generous amount of beef bacon! i feel so full after ate half of it. And yes, tasted good also!

Mac and Cheese for 50K
Another full-filling dish from them.. even thou they served it in small bowl but it was more than enough to feed 1 person! yep, tasted good also.

Nutela French toast with Earl Grey ice Cream for 55K
Turned out that us three being so full so we cant finish this french toast! it tasted good and i love its earl grey ice cream! but i think this one bit overpriced. Definitely won't order this one again.

Overall, i really love it there. The ambiance is so nice, humble waiters and what i love the most (but maybe downside for you) that they dont serve pork! YEAYNESS!
As we all know Jakarta's new restaurants these days keep serve pork on their menu and i actually kinda hate that food trend. 
And last, all prices that stated on menus are inclusive all the taxes! you pay what you read. I think all Resto should do this! i feel like being cheated everytime see those taxes' numbers on my bill! LOL.
So cheers to Lewis & Carroll!
Absolutely will come back in near future! <3


  1. Thank you for the post Mbak Gadis. I will give this place a try sometime. Hihihi.

    1. Mas dani... yes you should try this one!
      highly recommended.. di zomato ratingnya juga 4.1 loh hehehe

  2. Kalau kamu malah gak happy sekarang mulai banyak pork, kalau aku malah lumayan senang sudah mulai ada pork haha. Soalnya dulu susah buat dapat pork di western restaurant. Rata2 chinese resto saja.

    1. Iya cii... abisnya babi haram sih hehehe..
      sekarang lagi mau mendisiplinkan diri utk gak makan di resto yang nyediain pork :)
      doakan saya tetap teguh pendirian ya cici... ahahahha

  3. tehnya cancikkks ya dis..
    btw, gue percaya lho kalo makan atau minum bunga gives you positives energy
    hahahaah *mistis

    1. Mungkin kebawa tenang ya ceuu...
      pernah gw liat temen kantor gw masukin melati ke tehnya... gw masih agak2 gimana gitu... kesan melati = suzana begitu lekat! hehehe

    2. gw kalo masukin melati gt kayaknya keminum ajaa.. kl makan ngggggg tar dulu deh

    3. kalo dimakan sih udah horor banget ceu! hahahha *komat kamit baca ayat kursi*


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