Weekend glimpse

Two weeks ago went on dessert hopping to Sophie Authentique Bakery Kemang then had ice cream at LIN artisan Kemang, after that dropped by at Colette n Lola for some takeaway cakes.

Arrived around 2.30 and this bakery was kinda empty. We just take away some mini caneles, croissant for brekkie next morning and chocolate cakes. We loooove their Canele! Ammar ate 2 of em and still wanting more! too bad we just had 4 of it.. not enough for everybody cos hubby also like it. Their croissant was so-so since i expected something more from this super famous french bakery. As for the chocolate cake... to die for!! oh Gosh so so geeewwwddd... but for tiny thin slice i guess 40K is bit too much. But still, gotta grab another one someday :D

Next was LIN Artisan Ice Cream because i was missing Gusto gelato so frikking much and these nitrogen ice cream is the best cure i had nearby. got hazelnut with choco wafer and cheese with strawberry chunks. each for 49k and i guess it was worth every penny cos the portion was big, taste was good, love their textures and decent place too! we need more decent place for ice cream!

Then dropped by at Collette n Lola. I am not a big fan of their cakes. i think their taste just so-so but yeaaah.. their cake place is too cute!

Closed my Saturday in perfect way. Modern Family time!! just finish the fourth season and i guess its the most boring one (IMHO their 3rd season was EPIC) but still... it's modern family it cant be that boring! looking forward for their 5th and 6th season.. please tell me they will make like 20 season of it!

BTW, yesterday we went to Ecopark Ancol and had blast! gonna talk about it on the next post!
Until then... enjoy your Moaaanday folks!


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