REVISIT: Frenchie Bistro & Coffee

(click here for my 1st visit review)

Back again with review from one of my favorite place near home. My last visit happened on evening and we just came for snacks, but i still order main course from for Little A from their kids menu selection.

Kids Menu Selection

Poisson et frites for 45K
Such an adorable presentation! they used snapper instead of dory for the battered fish. Bit chewy cos the skin still on.

Escargot au Pesto for 35K
Yes, it's mandatory to order their escargot! i guess you cant find a decent escargot at this low price anywhere else in Jakarta.

Crepes Suzette for 32K
Crepes with orange sauce serves with your choice of ice cream (vanilla/chocolate/vanilla chips). I love this! sweet and fresh! but when i shared it on Path, one of my friend commented that once he felt disappointment with their crepes suzatte.

Hazelnut Latte for 32K and Ice Tea for 12K
Their latte is absolutely my kind of latte. the bitterness just spot on for me so i didn't add any sugar.

For the second time, i am still in love with everything about them. Their food and beverages, their serene ambiance, and their friendly service. whenever you are in Tebet area, i highly recomemnd to visit this cute little bistro.


  1. hazelnut latte nya terlihat lezat banget

    1. it was!
      kalo ke jkt main2 kesini mba noni :)


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