..of restaurants those i have been dying to go but until now still doesn't have any chance to pay a single visit!

1st on my list... Bebek Bengil Jakarta! oh my... im dying to taste Bali on my mouth... Januari is still so loooong on the way
source: jktgo

2nd, Yamas Greek Kitchen.. i loveeeee greek cuisine! i cant spell their names but i know they are so damn delish! and love love the decor
source: jakarta100bars

3rd, Tredici Ristorante... why? because i am so in love and lust with its decor! hahahaha... namapun belom kesampaian ke italy, jadi ke resto yang suasananya kayak cafe italy di alley-alley nya gitu lah..
source: culinarybonanza

4th, Mojo Senopati.. because i realllyyy want to try their fried chicken waffle! kayak yang suka dilihat di acara-acara makan TLC dan katanya Mojo ini inspired by foodtruck-foodtruck di yu es e sana... yep! as seen on my favorite TV shows.. Food Paradise and Eat Street! delish...delish..delish
source: jktgo

5th, Authentique Bakery Kemang... again, its decor and of course their warm bread
source: whiteboardjournal

6th, Antipodean Kemang for its superrrb big breakfast menu... brekkie like a champ is all i need for my saturday morning!
source: thehoneycombers

So..... which one first, Hubby? LESSSGOOOOOOOOOO!


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