This Year's Wishlist

May and June are our family's celebretion months. Started with hubby's birthday on May 9th then mine on May 25th, follow with our wedding anniversary on June 2nd and last... our beloved son's birthday on June 3rd! so packed! :D

Speaking about my birthday... im going to be 28 years old and i am really confuse of which thing i should want to be my present this year! 
2 years ago, i just asked hubby to take me to fancy lunch at The Cafe Mulia Hotel because i felt i was so content back then and i didnt need anything new on my wardrobe, beside i was counting the day to deliver my first baby to the world which was the greatest gift ever. 
Last year, i was so specific wanting Kate Spade bag for my birthday present and Mandarin oriental's famous Cronut for my birthday cake.
This year.. oh boy.. i want and need so many things!

1. Since i just signed up for gym member so i need a medium size gym bag! i've been eyeing on Nike, moreless like this one

2. The last time i bought a bag was about 8 months ago and i think i deserve a new one. Not a millionssss rupiah kind of bag, but like this nice and decent bags from Tulisan

Tulisan city Bag

Tulisan Hobo Bag

3. Nice pairs of sandals! i owned 2 Rubi's sandals that Birkinstock-look-a-like but both dead already.. yeaaah what do you expect from cheap label? ;p so i guess this is the right time for me to get the original one? alsooo... i love Saltwater sandals! so happy if i can get one!
My kind of Birkin

White Saltwater sandal

4. I desperately need a nice, classic, blister-free flat shoes. Usually i'll go with dexplex from payless too bad for size 35-36 there's not so many choices. last week, i bought cheap one at Cotton On.. but i kinda hate it day by day... i need a decent one!

The ultimate Repetto. it's too pricey btw.. i just love their classiness, with tiny ribbon

the cheaper version
6.Since cooking is my new hobby so i really want these on my kitchen! Oven, blender and Pan grill with size min 26cm

7. And recipe book from my current favorite chef on my favorite Jamie's Foodtube

i love this old man!
8. A golden ticket to see Boyzone with my Jr. highscool buddies. I was an avid listener of em when i just 10. a bit nostalgic wont hurt, right? besides it's been ages since my last concert.

9.  As for the cake, i'm thinking about my favorite Red Velvet from Convivium. Or the ever classic Black Forest from Sari Delicatessen Sari Pan Pacific Hotel or the one from Sakura Anpan which i adore since i was 5. Yum.

Pheeew... what a wishlist! XD

Update per 25 mei:
akhirnya dikadoin gym bag (exactly the one that i've been eyeing on Nike Store Kokas! laaafff), blender dan oven!!! aaahhhh hepi sekaliii..... langsung deh semangat cari resep-resep baking :")

 thank you, husband!


  1. bought myself tulisan bag for my 'hardwork' last month ~ kasian kasian kasian *beli sendiri*
    btw, i love to treat myself. kl gw bete trus ngerasa gw udah kerja segitunya, gw beli something pricey buat gw sendiri
    hahaha aneh ga sik?

    1. beli tulisan yang mana ceuuuu?
      gak aneh kok ceu... wajar banget! yang gak wajar tuh kalo tiap hari mamam mahal di mol hahahah


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