Frenchie Bistro & Coffee -- Tebet

I've been passing this little Restaurant for so many times cos it just 5 mins away from my mom house but never put my interest on it until like months ago i accidentally click their page on Zomato and saw their menus and i was like Wow! this is like the affordable version of Paul! In my whole life, i just did twice to dine in at so called french restaurant which are Eric kayser (and i didnt order anything french there!) and Kebun bistro.
And just couple time taking away Paul's eclairs and artisan bread, because their in house menu is too pricey for me.

Back to Frenchie, this restaurant located exactly beside Cheese Cake Factory Tebet. They shared the same parking lot with the ever eye catching Taco Cantina. You wont miss this one!

Entered their place, it was love at first sight to me. Neat, clean, cozy, and playlist that warm you to the heart. When we came, only 1 table occupied and it was even more perfect, so serene!

open so early on the weekend. 7.30 in the morning y'all!

interior at their smoking area. Cutesy! i want steal em all.

We came around 4.30, with not so hungry tummy, it was perfect time to taste their breakfast menu.

Escargot Au pesto for 35K
Served with 3 pieces of garlic bread, the escargot was buttery and 6 pieces def not enough for me and hubs! so happy cos this one is delicious and cost you only 35K. tee-hee.

Plain Croissant for 16K
 Ordered this for my little son, he only bite it a little and ate 2 garlic bread instead.

Croque Monsieur for 50K
Smoked beef sandwich with Bechamel cheese. A simple sandwich yet a hearty one for me. Love it! now i cant wait to taste the 90K version of Paul. ;p

De Bouf Au Jus for 60K
Roast beef sandwich with au jus sauce. This one was hubs' course, i took a bite and for me their roast beef was hard to chew. But hubs still like it and he adored the salad! the same salad for my croque monsuier, it was fresh with lemony dressing. He said he doesnt mind to have this salad every single day at every single time.. fun way to have diet he said!

Lime mint fizz and Strawberry mint fizz. Each for 22K
Those two was recommend by the waitress but it was simply so-so. next time i'm going with their latte.

I would say this place really worth your visit. With their affordable price, nice ambiance, all waiters and waitress were so polite and friendly... i really can't ask for more. 
Until next time! <3


  1. Km tinggal deket banget dis dari sini, aku sering banget kesini secara deket dr rumah dan tempatnya oke n harganya murcee ;)

    1. iya mbaa... sama2 di tebet.. tinggal naik bajay cusss!


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