[REVISIT] The Harvest Deli -- Kota Kasablanka

(click here for my first visit review)

Here comes another farewell! this one by the one that i feel so close at the office.. so so sad!
We share the same 1st day here like year and half ago and now we bidding each other goodbye. Lucky him got new offer with better salary. Part of me was so happy but another part of me feeling sad also. He was the best gossip partner you can ever wish! He even got called "Princess Emon" cos he acted like a little spoiled princess most of times! cranky and clingy. Lol.

He asked wherever restaurant i want to celebrate his new life and i quickly answered Harvest Deli cos my 1st visit there was sublime. Let's!

Hot Chamomile Tea for 25k; Ice Tea for 25K
Mushroom Ravioli for 65K
Pasta stuffed with mushroom and creamy white wine sauce. At first i really want to order this then i read it contained with white wine so i chose another pasta. My friend said this one was good but not fulfilling at all. Ended up bought batagor abang-abang afterwards ;p

Ravioli Carbonara for 65K

Pasta Stuffed with carbonara sauce, beef bacon, sauteed zuchini and parmesan. Actually the tasted was good BUT waaaaay to salty!! i even couldn't finish it, such a bummer cos i really like the ravioli! the texture was perfect and the carbonara sauce on it was delicious.

Even tho not as good as my first visit, but still want to go here again!



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