Gyros Alley -- Panglima Polim

My first attempt with Greek cuisine was when my Honeymoon day in Bali. We were having our lunch at Mykonos Seminyak which left special memory in my heart cos their food tasted superb and their resto interior was so much love! it's like you are in the middle of Santorini *sotoy.. padahal ke Santorini juga belom pernah*. Too bad when we were went to bali again last year i didn't have time to re-visit it.

And finally i can make time to visit another greek resto in Jakarta. Panglima Polim to be exact. Gyros Alley just establish last year if im not mistaken. There are also so many review already bout them.
It was 2 story resto and not too spacious also, maybe can only accommodate 40 people.

You had me at your blue door
 When i came, i didn't expect this resto was that dark. Really low quality of light.

pretty sofas!
The 1st floor, even so dark but still pretty. Too bad it was fully booked so we seated at second floor.

Well, in my opinion their furniture on second floor is old.. but not in good-vintage way. Just old. i wonder if they can re-paint their chairs into greece-blue maybe the place wont be so gloomy. And to my surprise, i spotted some defects on their furniture! felt like they already established for more than 10 years.

Moreover to the foods, we just back from wedding party so there were not much on the table.

Ice Tea for 15K and Zeus Lightning Bolts for 35K
Wow.. there's actually a resto located at the heart of hippest place sell their ice tea for 15K only! haha. Anyway i oprdered 1 of their bottled juice collection. This Zeus consists of starfruit, cucumber, pineapple and orange. The cucumber tasted was too strong so it was bit bland for my taste bud.

French fries for 22K
Their french fries was so crunchy and tasty! it came with Tzaziki sauce and chilli sauce. both sauce was amazeball!

Gyros Platter for 58K
You can choose between lamb, chicken or falafel and mine was chicken. It came with Tzaziki sauce, greek salad and pita bread. so delish! everything tasted great!

Carbonara for 58K
Carbonara was my son ultimate favorite, so whenever i see Carbonara i chose that for him. This one consists beef bacon and mushroom. I took a bite of it and it felt that the mushroom was too empowered the whole plate. Good if you're a mushroom die hard fan.

Another surprise was  when i saw the bill, they only charge 10% for VAT. No service charge! so don't forget to put your tips ;)


  1. The food looks yummy Mbak! Oh my. You always manage to make me curious about the places you post.

    1. now this! exactly the respond i really want to hear. hihihi :)


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