500 Days of Summer

Back to 2009 (OMG that was six year ago!) i used to love this movie so very very much! i love every detail of it, so head over heels with Zooey Deschanel who played Summer, LOOOVEEEEE  the soundtracks, every tiny details, the only thing that i hate is its ending.
I kept asking why Tom couldn't make it to the end with Summer.. that finally these two cutie broke out. i just hate it.
couple days ago i re-watched this movie but turned out i have different view now. i feel so relief that Tom didnt make it to the end with Summer cos Summer is completely bitch and he deserved more than that! 
I feel so pity for Tom Hansen.. so pity that i also feel pity for Joseph Gordon Levitt who played Tom. Lebay i know.. but i am the drama queen, please bear with me.
Then i realized that in real life, Joseph Gordon Levitt married to this badass woman! she's a robot scientist. OH YEAH.
and i feel so much better.

Summer who?



  1. I love Summer and so sad she didn't end up with that boy. Haha. Baca ttg istrinya JGL. KEREN BANGET. hahahaha. Thx infonya Mbak. :)

    1. i used to love her too.. like really a lot! :D


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