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I've been into blogspere circa 2007 then started my own blog around 2008 with multiply as my platform then change it into blogspot.
My favorite blogs are changing time to time.. from comedy kind of blog (Ola, Kambing Jantan!), fashion blogs, then foodie blogs move over to prep-wedding blogs, mama blogs, and last... home and decor blogs!

here's the lists of my most read local bloggers:

1. Alaya for Pas Magnifique
Alaya is the one who inspired me the most to start blogging back then, and whenever im in love with fashion blogs, foodie and so on, I still read hers daily. I adore how she read so many books in her life and i also mesmerized by her truly effortless artsy photos!

2. Laila Achmad for Let The Beast In
I read Laila for the first time thru her prep-weeding blog, then i found her personal blog and fallin in love ever since. Looooooove the way she write her post. she is so good with words and yes, i never bored to read her old posts over and over again! i love her most with her travel stories.

3. Lauren for Taste Buds To Share
I always love reading food review on the newspaper, gone crayzeee with food show on TV then i stumbled on her blog and LOVING IT WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL. but too bad now she is off blogging :( however i found the new Lauren and she is def on number 4.

4. Ivy for Ivy's Life 
A foodie with witty attitude! i love her. Period.

5. Debora for Mozdeb
Now this is the newest favorite of mine! She is Co-Founder of Mamarantau and she's my absolute favorite when it comes to Motherhood blog! I enjoy reading her posts over and over again.

6. Fifi for The Alvianto 
When she writes about review, it always be a top-notch one! must read for new mama!  

Whoever found the concept of Blog, i owe you my life! i kid you not. Blogging def open my eyes about world out there and also remind me how small i am. So if you have snobbish friends, then tell em to read blogs and started with travel blogs. Baru yurotrip aja gak usah somse shaaaay... 

OK then, happy reading! :)


  1. selera blogger favorit kita mirip-mirip yaaa boook.. dan iyaa sih klo abis baca tulisannya fifi langsung berasa "aku maaah apaaa atuh"

    1. blogpost dese yang ngebahas clodi sampe detail banget itu benar2 membekas di sanubari gw!

  2. blogger favorit gw dulu.... woro! sayang banget dia ga blogging lg, jadi berasa kehilangan tetangga yang dikepoin hahahah

    1. ah iyaaa... the pradonos! sayang ya dia 'kalah' sama haters.. hiks

  3. Aku ngeblog baru-baru ini :' jadi kurang ngerti mana blogger favorit ._. rata-rata isi blog yang aku kunjungi bagus-bagus, jadi ya semua favorit :D

    1. Hi febri,
      sebenernya aku suka semua blog yang ada di blogrollku ini but these are my top ones :)


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