Hard Rock Cafe -- Pacific Place

It's my first time dine in here. I love how this place is so spacious and with real music from the stage brought by their home band. 
Talking about their service i dont expect our orders would be on our table that fast like more than 30 mins before Maghrib. Well, it was my fault cos i wasn't taking notes to them to serve my meal on Iftar time but considering it was Ramadhan and im wearing hijab i guess it wont hurt just to ask whether i want my meal to serve right away or wait until Iftar time just like any other Restaurant.
Second, i notice that our next table -- occupied by two 20ish expat girls -- got approached by hmmm.. i dont know maybe the supervisor or manager and he asked whether their meal OK or not. And i saw em just ordered light snack not even fancy one.. just like tortilla chips with salsa dip or something, while us had 2 main course and nobody asked our satisfaction. Oh pwisssss.

Enough with the rant, let's start with our orders!

Mango Berry Cooler for 65k
Recommended by the waitress and said this one is bestseller. As read on menu book it's a tropical blend of fresh mangoes, strawberries, pineapple juice, orange juice and topped with sprite. Well, kinda expected more from its pricetag tho... nothing special! my friend ordered Hot Choco for 40K and Strawberry Basil lemonade for 65K. i took a sip of the strawberry basil, nothing special also.

Smoked Beef Brisket for 120K
I heard a lot that their main course comes in huge portion but i never thought that it would be that huge. Ssssupah big!
The smoked beef brisket half chewy half tender (how that even possible? dont they cooked it in one pan?), i love their crispy onion and their hickory sauce, and I LOVE their toast! super fluffy and crispy!

Classic Club Sandwich for 109K
My friend wanted to order The Texan (looking really good at ther menu book) but it was sold out, so she came with this one. i tasted the grilled chicken and it tasted bland like not even a pinch of seasoning. 

Both of us quite disapointed with our meals that night, well maybe because we didnt ordered the best-seller ones? i heard so many great review about their nachos but when we saw the portion is ultra huge like can feed 5-6 people, well.... maybe next time when we came in a group!



  1. Last time we ate there.. we were also very2 disappointed with their meals. We ordered the legendary burgers (if I am not mistaken each costs more than 200k) and all burgers were dry with very plain taste. Also nothing special about their drinks. I had two different glasses of mixed drink for myself and nothing was special. Some chairs and our table were wobbly due to repeated mediocre fixes (I saw nails everywhere, which was kinda dangerous). Man.. I don't think I will come back. It used to be much better than this.

    1. i guess they are already losing their charm..
      mungkin karena merasa punya nama and loyal fan base.. jadi cuek bebek deh!


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