Me time -- Mommy's time

Yesterday was totally awesome. I have an excellent Me-Time... oh finally ma Lord!
being a mother of 1 with no full-time nanny kinda hard to me to just meet my girls after office hours or having movie date with hubs. i even forget how it feels like to munch popcorn. FYI, my last movie is just 2 days before i gave birth which is more than 2 years ago!

So, when one of my friend asked for iftar dinner i immediately say yes and called hubs and told him that i dont want him or little A came along. i just want to meet my friends and having silly convos like i used to . Well, whenever i had appointment with my friends, hubs and little A always came along.. turned out i actually cant enjoy the conversation cos im too busy with my son, feed him, entertain him so he could stay in his baby-chair, chasing him around the restaurant, so on, and so on.

As husband say "yes, you can go alone.." i told my friend to booked resto which not kids friendly at all! Whenever you have baby then nothing is simple.. just to decide which resto you want to sit down, you have to checked is it any baby-chair left? clear separation smoking and non-smoking room? too many silver utensils on the table? is there pan or hot pot in the middle? and the list keep going on... but last night, i can choose whatever resto i want to choose! best feeling!

And yesterday, universe conspired to make my day perfect. Jakarta's traffic was such a darling.. smooth, no traffic no cursing just beautiful! while waiting for my friend, i strolled a little and gave feast to the eyes at Kate Spade's and Marc Jacob's. Window shopping without the urge of chasing my boy around.. enjoyed it to the fullest.
Then heading up to Hard Rock cafe when one of my friend just arrived. She's mother of 1 toddler and 1 baby.. we talked a lot about motherhood, bed scene, office and everything in between. so liberating i must say... you know that "oh ya ampun bukan gw doang ya ternyata" feeling. Best.
after that came our single friends and we stopped talked about motherhood and changed subject into something less serious and fun.
Oh the feeling of enjoy your meal slowly whilst gossiping with your dearest. Perfect.
And between all the fun with friends, husband kept sending picture of Ammar having fun at Oma's. couldn't be more perfect than this.

Thank you, Lord.. you know really well that i need this kind of night.


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