Paul -- Kota Kasablanka

Months ago Paul opened their new branch at Kota Kasablanka. It located at entrance of Sogo on Ground Floor. The place is smaller compared to the oldest branch at Pacific Place and more casual also.

I came with my office mates right after we received our payday cos we are in Tom and Donna kinda mood. Treat Yo' Self!

Anyone watch Parks and Rec? from the same creator of The Office.. so goooood!

Back to Paul, we came on lunch time and to my surprise the place is quite full. And this what we ordered

Croque Madame for 115K; Caffe Au Lait for 45K
i ordered these two, croque madame consists of chicken ham, emmental cheese, cream, pain de mie topped with egg and served with salad. I LOVE THIS!! it was sooooo good.. even the salad! yep i ate 3/4 of em! such a big deal for non-veggie person like me. It may pricey for a sandwich but it was totally
I love their Au Lait also. just right for my taste bud.

Viennois dinde for 95K; Green Apple celery Juice for 45K
Smoked chicken breast with hard boiling egg, romaine lettuce, tomato with mayo spread on plain viennois bread. I took a bite of the viennois bread and i didnt like it. it was too hard for my liking. But my friend who ordered this, very enjoying this sandwich and same goes with the juice. It was refreshing one.

Atlantique for 95K
Practically the same with Viennois dinde only this one with smoked salmon. Also delish!

Croque Saumon Poireaux for 125K
Roasted salmon, emmental cheese, leeks, cream in pain de mie. really... you cant never go wrong with Paul's Pain de mie! delicious!

4 of us really satisfied with our meals so i guess we'll be back on next payday.


  1. Bikin sendiri aja Croque Madame-nya di rumah. Gampang! Yang penting bisa bikin belchamel saucenya biar gooey2 hihihihi. Bisa makan sepuasnya deh, gak usah bayar 115 ribu lagi :)

    1. ini sih yang bikin enak rotinya ciii... asli enak banget :9 :9
      tapi dia jual rotinya aja mahal bener yaaa... hihihihi bener-bener bisa nikmatin kalo abis gajian doang


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