A Happy Sunday!


I just love my last sunday! actually there was nothing fancy happened but everything felt on right track that i enjoyed it very much!
I dont know is it just me? or is anybody lives in bekasi feel that time surely went too slow whether we are in this zipcode? haha! basically done every house chores by 9 am! so we decided to leave house early at 10.30 to go to my most favorite place in jakarta... MALL! ;P
When we arrived at Plaza Senayan it was practically empty! oh Gosh.. i love empty mall! then straight to the Kinokuniya cos im dying to get this book. Hubs being so nice that he let me wandering around bookstore all by myself and he chose to tag Little A along at the SOGO toys section so i can enjoy my bookstore's moment in peace. i always love bookstores! and this one is my favorite cos it's not crowded like any other. But my book was out of order then we went to Periplus aaaand thank God they have it! as i grabbed the book and walked to the cashier, hubs took it from me and said the 4 magic words that every wives love to hear, "aku aja yang bayar" 

Tee-hee! :)

by the way.. i just finished half of it, turned out the book not as funny as the first one (i reviewed the first one here) but still GREAT!
Then after got my book, since the mall was empty i decided to have lunch at their foodcourt! Plaza Senayan's foodcourt was my long-time favorite! been regular here since i was teenager, sure there was so many good memories. But i think the last time i dine in here when i was preggo.. cos i cant stand bringing my super active baby boy to a foodcourt! 
Active baby boy + foodcourt = headache

i had this amazing Philly cheese steak bagel from BagelBagel it was soooooo delish! but only can finished half of it cos i was so full and Ammar had the other half! he loved it and totally ignored chicken teriyaki i bought him from Hokben. by typing this post now i remember to search yummy recipe of philly cheese steak! Cant wait to cook em on my kitchen.

After that we crossed the road to Senayan City cos they held exhibition due to government new project: super fast train from Jakarta to Bandung.
Ammar went cray-cray to see these train miniatures and threw tantrum when we left for Gelato downstairs! we had 2 scoop of Mint Choco chips and Mango from GB Bistro.. their Mango was scrumptious! 

After we finished our gelato we came home with smile.... except Ammar that i secretly believed want to have sleepover beside all those miniatures :D


  1. Kecee amat eboo bangku tamannya.. Mang surga bgt ya klo dgr aku aja yg bayar. Tp klo gw ga perlu magic word, langsung gesek cc kak iyeen. Like i always did. My magic card. Hihihihi

    1. now that a privilege that i will never had! hahahahah


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