Common Grounds -- Citywalk Sudirman

Known best for their breakfast menus and coffee, Common Grounds is one of my recommended place everytime someone asked about what good resto to go.
It located not far from Tebet but i must say their price bit pricey for breakfast so it's not a weekly breakfast spot for me.

Now, i'll review my last 2 visit there.

It just happened last week when me and husband on day off and i decided to start the day with Common Grounds.
we came around 8.30-ish and the place was almost full house, but their service still fast and attentive.

Left: Jasmine Pearl for 35K. Right: Ice peach tea for 30K
Their premium Tea selection is from Jing (have no idea what brand is that). Husband's Jasmine Pearl was so fragrant and i love it! my Peach Tea also refreshing

Croque Madame for 60K
Croque Madame consists of beef ham, swiss cheese, bechamel sauce, fried egg on sourdough. Came in big portion and it was good. Husband enjoyed it and felt so full until evening.

American Style Pancakes for 55K
Serves with butter and coffee cherry syrup which tasted exactly like maple syrup but less sweet. LOOOVEEEE their syrup! their pancakes was so fluffy and dense that i only managed to eat 1 of em. Take away the rest two and ate it next morning and yesss... still fluffy!


On November i came at brunch hour, it was weekday and the place was sooooo crowded and one of the waiter being so rude! He placed my Tea like almost slammed it on the table! le sigh. But maybe he was just so tired. Anyway, it was quick brunch i cant even enjoy my order in peace.

White Peony for 40K
Of course i chose this tea cos it has such a beautiful name! haha... even its description made you feel this tea just pop up from fairy tale book! told from the menu "White Peony picked from Tai Mu Mountain garden, Chinese white tea, composed of two leaf and bud set"
Well, too bad it just not my cup of tea, it was too bland for me.

Eggs Benedict for 75K
It's a mandatory menu for breakfast spot and for me their Eggs Benedict is good but still not memorable enough like one i had at Benedict.

Salted Caramel Bombolini
I forgot the exact price i guess its around 25K. Son love it while for me it bit too sweet.

Common Grounds used to have this extensive menus but now they cut out so many of em (including my favorite Tunisian Shakshouka) and they put their price higher but bigger in portion. Whenever you visit this spot, you have to try their breakfast burritos!


  1. Never tried this common ground though it is not too far from my office. The picturea look so yummy.

    1. yessss you sud!
      mas dani coffee lover? their barista is winner for 2014 barista championship looooh


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