Liitle Sushiya -- Tebet

Little Sushiya is the last trilogy of Frenchie and taco Cantina that i finally tried. At first i dont have any intention to try this one out cos being Tebet resident i already tried Sushi-Ya for many times yet they never impressed me and friend of mine said their menu is just the same. But Little Sushiya is so cute from the outside soooo... let's go! :D

Menu-wise is just the same with Sushi-Ya only they cut their portion into smaller one. for example fushion roll that usually 8pcs/portion here only 4pcs maybe that's why they called it Little sushiya.. smaller protion, cheaper price!
The concept is like fast food resto where you order and pay at the cashier first then they will bring your order to your table.
And the biggest difference is their interior! Sushi-Ya is like any other ordiannry sushi resto with Japanese theme but here they change it into shabby chic-y with pastel colour everywhere.

Sunbathing Sushi!

Hot Ocha for 7K

L-R : Sushi Sashimi, Sumo roll, Godzilla Roll, Chicken Donburi

Sushi Sashimi for 35K. im not recommend this one, bit fishy and i have to eat it with shoyu and lots of Wasabi.

Sumo roll for 23K. Filled with fried salmon and shrimp tempura, cream cheese, topped with sweet mayo. after one bite of this bestseller menu, now i know another difference from Sushi-Ya. Little Sushiya's rice tasted MUCH MUCH BETTER! 

Godzilla Roll for 20K. Filled with salmon tempura and cucumber topped with spicy mayo and tobiko. Not spicy at all but still tasted delish! you should try!

Mini portion of Chicken katsu Donburi for 26K. Ordered this one for Little A and he didn't like it, neither did i.

Well, as you can see their price is so affordableno wonder they are full with high schoolers! haha... if you're happen to be here only order their fushion roll!


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