Ruci's Joint -- Senopati

There's newest joint in town! located beside Lapangan Bola Blok S, it was a gallery named Ruci's Art something now on ground floor they open a 'food court'

The vendors not as much as another joint like Food Fighters but their place is so cozy and airy without much partition.. love!


I came last Saturday at 11.30am and the place is practically empty. Only 1 table occupied and when we left at 12.30 there were only 3 tables occupied. Maybe its packed hours on Saturday night. Oh well, perfect for lunchdate with friends then! 

And these what we had that noon.

Ice Tea for 20K; Mineral Water for 15K
Umabo -- Ribs Me Up for 65K
The main reason why i want to go to Ruci's cos they have Umabo! i never went to umabo *Booo.. i know* so i really want to taste their famous Ribs Me Up bowl! consists of slow cooked short ribs, roasted eggplants, corn and top with poached egg. The ribs really tender and juicy, poached eggs also perfect. However taste-wise.. i didn't find anything special about this dish, i even couldn't finish it cos i felt bloated. Maybe it just me and my taste-bud... consider everyone seemed to love this bowl!

Umabo -- Cheeseplosion Burger for 65K
140gr Patties, double cheddar cheese with smokehouse sauce. Husband was ordering this one and satisfied with it!

Lachlan -- British Shepherd's Lasagna (Personal portion) for 55K
Lachlan sells fusion lasagna and i opted this one for my little boy. Unfortunately after 3 spoonful he refused to finish it the i took it away home and re-heat it next morning and it still delicious! practically it is your normal lasagna only they topped it with mashed potatoes and filled with carrot chunks.. shepherd's pie way! 

In the end, i really want to come back here to try another vendors.. like gelato from GGelato, japanese cheesecake from chizukek and super healthy bowl from Nebula... and another fusion lasagna of course!

Ps. all price excl. tax


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