AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe -- Plaza Senayan

Came here on weekday's lunch and i love its dim-light situation made their ambiance so warm, but too bad there's no partition between smoking and non-smoking room.

bread compliment
We were asking the waiters twice to get this compliment! dont mess up with hungry ladies.. we want our freebies! lol

Premium tea for 30K
So happy that they used TWG for their tea selection! not much to choose but i chose Grand Wedding right away cos i love it's dramatic name! not only namegenic (is that even a word?) but it tasted good too.. light and smell good. My friend ordered Morocco Mint, also good one.

Lychee Italian Soda for 35K
My friend ordered this italian soda and completely falling in love with it! so refreshing she said,

Caesar Salad for 60K
Not my dish, obviously. Its my friend's she loved it. Crisp veggie and generous portion of chicken. recommended.

Burdock Beef Ragout Risotto for 108K
I asked the waiter if the risotto contained with white wine he said no and i curious to try cos as far i remember this is my first risotto. well, it tasted great BUT i really hate its texture! so it was a big NAY fot me! i cant even finish half of it. But for you Risotto lovers maybe this one is heavenly cos like i said before, the taste actually great.

Fettucine Japanese Mushroom cream for 98K
My friend ordered this and i took a bite, oh yeeesssss... so good! so creamy but not too hefty. Just perfect amount of creaminess.

Now this is DA BOMB! i couldnt find the name and price on zomato menu, but this one basically roasted chicken with wasabi sauce and potato gratin as sidedish. The chicken was so tender and juicy, and seasoned perfectly, too perfect that the wasabi itself kinda destroyer to this beautiful chicken, IMO. since my friend couldnt finish it (portion a little bit big) so i with all my heart, finished this chicken happily!

I love it when a restaurant not only pretty on the ambiance but also served fantastic food! the food price is indeed pricey but consider the fresh and premium ingredients ,their high price indeed worth it. 


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