Johnny Rocket Lotte Avenue

Cutesy is screaming so loud whenever i entered this diner house. The 60s vibe with the old jukebox, back-sound and waiters' uniform really had me at hello! and absolutely LOVE their playlist! remind me of one of my favorite movie all the time, Now & Then

Move to their foods, me and my friend ordered these when we had our friday lunch

Bacon Cheddar Double for 137K; Ice Tea 22K
They used smoked beef bacon and believe me.. even thou it looked normal on my picture but it was huge! enough to feed 2 girls. The patty was medium well and i found this burger tasted pretty good but not memorable one.

Chipotle Chicken Sandwich for 78K
Grilled chicken breast with chipotle sauce, crispy beef bacon, serves in grilled white bun. it was DELICIOUS! SO FREAKING DELICIOUS!!! let me comeback for this one!

Anyway, we came when they had this tremendous promo! it called payday promo valid every month at 25th till 30th and one of their promo menu is what we had that noon! bought Bacon Cheddar Double get free of Chipotle Chicken Sandwich! yeayness!!

For me, their burger and sandwich are much better than Hard Rock Cafe better service also! and every hour all waiters and waitresses doing fun dancing.. super fun!


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