Casa de Peri -- Kota Kasablanka

There's a restaurant on 1st floor of Food Society Kota Kasablanka that always look empty whenever i passed by it. But i heard so many people love it since their signature dishes (anything with Peri-peri sauce) represents Nando's. I've never been to Nando's so i can make any comparison here.

Been thrice to dine in here, 1st time such a long time ago and i remembered their signature dish didnt left me in awe. Just average and their price tag is bit high for KoKas, i mean helllaaawwww 38K for lemon tea? goodluck for that!
2nd time, my friend dragged me here and i can tell their dishes getting better. And my last visit there cos there was really good deal from Groupon! for only 145K you can get 1 appetizer + 2 portion of quarter flame grilled peri-peri chicken + 1 dessert. Awesome deal!

and these what we got that day:

Samosa (original price is 38K)
You can choose any appetizer in the menu except for Nachos. And we ended with their Samosa filled with fried peri-peri chicken and veggies with peri-peri and mayo dipping sauce. The taste quite ordinary and bit too oily.

Quarter Flame Chicken Grilled peri-peri Chicken with Chip and Salad (Original price is 71K)
Wow.. their taste now is muuuuuuch better compared to the 1st time i came there! seasoned well, crisp salad and love their homemade fries.

Choco lava (Original price is 58K)
We opted this Choco Lava for dessert and it was scrumptious! the vanilla ice cream also really good.

Now i can say i am impressed but still hope they will lower their beverage's pricelist.


  1. Sungguh Choco Lava nya menggoda, namun agak overpriced siyh kalau menurut saya.


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