Life Lately

1. Last weekend i met my college sweethearts. we visited one of our friend who just gave birth to handsome second baby boy! i feel so re-charge cos it's been a while since our last catch up.

2. Now that everybody is in this second pregnancy/child phase... aku belum siap qaqaaaaa... at least until little A is turning two and i can stop breastfeeding him.. just thinking that this breastfeeding time will end in just few months makes me so sad T__T

Not so baby anymore!

3. Feeling so uninspired with my office life. it's so boring and i kinda more hate it day by day.

4. Been captivated by Taylor Swift - Style in major way! its just about the time that my next cubicle got vomit and ask me to move cos i kept playing this track over and over again!

5. Cooking is my new hobby but whenever i made Indonesian home cooking like soto, semur, etc always tasted not so good but yesterday i made this cumi saos tiram and  it was a om nom nom.

6. And finally we got decent plants for our tiny front yard. so little yet so many rupiah. *CRY*
Before..little amazon it was!

After.. mendingan lah shaaay

7. Boyzone is coming to town! just few days before i hit 28! YEAAAY... 1st plan was i will going to their concert with my friends with golden ticket in our hand but then hubs insisted to come along even thou he's not a fan so i downgrade my plan ticket to festival. Till today, still not purchase it cos somehow i still wish for golden ones.. Jompo kak.. males berdiri lama-lama. sigh.


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    1. Ahak ahak... ibunya mau santai2 dulu dan nikmatin lagi tidur blass 7jam setiap malam XD


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