20 facts!

1. A truly gemini.
2. Thats why it really hard for me to concentrate! Oh Ma Gahhh... every study time is hard time for me cos i got distracted so easily.
3. I was getting married at 25 + 1 week years old. Then became a mom precisely year after.
4. Never had been to Disneyland and always wanting to go there! Hongkong will do me good. but hopefully fortunate enough to go to Anaheim California! like my dad and aunties.
5. I enjoy Emo music so very much.
6. For the 1st time in my life crying hard because of happiness. that was happened when i watched broadway "The Sound Of Music" me crying while giving standing applause. totally happier than giving birth to my son. Lol.
7. I dont eat veggie nor doing sport
8. Since friendster days i really enjoy stalking socialite! hahahahha
9. My Top 3 bucketlist: The Sound of music tour in Austria, having culinary scene in New York City and slurping Butterbeer at Harry Potter World. GOD, I BEG YOU.
10. Often mistaken by people that i was the youngest children or the only one. In fact, i am the 1st children of 4! *am i that childish?*
11. I always went to Jakarta's Top 10 school and passed SPMB. that makes me so proud!
12. On the other hand, my career life is far from Top 10, specially compared to my school's buddies. but it never got me frustated or what... realizing that i am not career-woman type after all.
13. Only smart people mesmerized me. No matter how many IDR, USD, Euro in your Bank account, if you are not Ivy League material then dont try to act like snob beyotch in front of me.
14. I used to be a BIG FAN of The Amazing Race and Project Runway.
15. I am ITC Kuningan girl. my wardrobe 60% from there.
16. But when it comes to my son,  IDK why i feel terrible if not gave him nice clothes.. i feel sorry if his pajamas not from mothercare...Lebay i know, but i just cant help it!
17. Self-claimed Foodie. Oh good foods... what can i do without you?
18. Born and raised up in Tebet, Jakarta Selatan. Eventhou Jakarta full of polution and the traffic is on Dajjal level, no.. i dont want to move my ass from here!
19.  I cant drive a car and not having any intention to be able drive one. Ojek is ma bestfriend! but hubs is always yakking bout me to take drive lesson. I guess he tired of driving and hope can switch the place with me. Like i said, the traffic is Dajjal!
20. Married to someone that i really want my son to be like when he grows up.


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